Monophonic Guitar Pro for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Crea Souch
  • Category:  Other
  • Age rating:  3+
  • Processors:  x86, neutral
  • Downloads:  25
Monophonic Guitar is an app for learning scales on a guitar. This app is a complete study of the monophonic and melodic aspects of the guitar. i.e. playing one note at a time, in other word the scales (in opposition to the polyphonic or harmonic aspect of the guitar, i.e. playing several notes at same time, in other word playing a chord)

Scales Learning :

Complete scales dictionary ;
Modal, Tonal and Atonal scales (2412 diagrams) ;
Choice of ton and relativity ;
Vertical or horizontal (form 1 or 2) diagrams ;
Display of the tonics and Blue notes ;
Display of the fingering ;
Display of the direction of the plectrum ;
Reader of diagrams with display in real time of the played note, reader of the choosen digram or of the whole of the diagrams ;

Notes learning :

Choice of the note to work on, natural or altered ;
Display of the numbers of the fret of the choosen note ;
Lecteur de note avec affichage en temps réel de la note jouée, lecture de la note sélectionnée ou de l’ensemble des notes ;
Reader of notes with display in real time ;

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